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I prefer to have someone guide me. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.

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Others are more like followers and depend on the strong personalities and tend to be very submissive to fit into the group.


Are you a top or bottom personality quiz. If you want to be on top, why would you want? Watch your tone and body language when you feel frustrated. Nice dresses, streetwear, overalls, etc.) 4.

You like being pleased, and are probably 😻 a lot. It literally only refers to whether you prefer to give or receive. Yaoi quiz (are you a top?

26% of 13631 quiz participants had this profile! There are different types of people in this world. I'd be on the bottom to steer.

And some related quiz to play like are you a top or a bottom?.'s a message before you proceed. You like to be controlled and dominated in the bedroom.

Are you a top bottom or a switch. Here at quizzcreator we have millions of questions and quizzes, so play this quiz from here at get the full result. Would you be on bottom?

Are you a top or a bottom? Q u i z z e s. Just for fun personality fun top bottom switch.

Let's no miss the chance to get the insights of yours to explain and find few things. Gradually, the word top is referred to as the stronger half and bottom the weaker half in a relationship. Answer these questions about your sex life, and personality, and we'll tell you if you're a top or a bottom.

This quiz will determine what percent top and bottom you really are. All in all, you're the creative one who consistently puts in effort. Also and share with your friends.

More so, you like the act of pleasuring someone and having them react to the things you decide to do. Currently, we have no comments. Simply take this quiz my fellow lesbians who say that their a top but will get pinned in 1.2 seconds.

The quiz's definition of top and bottom is probably different than what your definition of a top and bottom is. Please keep an open mind about the quiz. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website.

This quiz will determine whether you're a 'top' or 'bottom'. It's time to get some insight. What are your dinner plans?

Be first to comment on this quiz. P.s if you're still innocent get out. The one who is on top is controlling and dominating and the one at the bottom is being controlled and dominated.

Do you want to know whether you are a seme, an uke or neither of them? Here you can create your own quiz and questions like would you be on bottom? Are you a top or bottom lesbian?

Imagine you and your friend or partner are walking around outside in the cold. Are you a top, bottom or switch. I only have the one on my ceiling.

It’s getting late and near time for a meal. Are you a lesbian top or bottom? But don't fret, just answer these 15 questions to reveal your top and bottom percentages.

A top you are a top! Improve the knowledge and give you the fun to play. A short top and tight jeans.

Make quizzes, send them viral. Maybe you're a top, because you love taking control and getting exactly what you want. Or maybe you're a bottom, because you like being dominated in the bedroom?

That said, you should try new things and see if you like them. Are you a top or bottom? A pair of sandals and the outfit is complete!

Are you a top or bottom. Are you a top or bottom. By ruby rose n´ what not.

I'd be on the bottom because i love the feeling of my partner on top of me. What are your opinions on blind folds? Is related to are you a top or a bottom?.

Also and share with your friends. Bonus points if it can arrive in under 20 minutes. If you don’t display or possess signs of any of these, you aren’t a top person.

Come and take this relaxing quiz. Here you can create your own quiz and questions like if you want to be on top, why would you want? These questions will build your knowledge and.

If you're over 16, you must know what i am talking about!! If you remain quiet and love to do what others say, you are a bottom person if you prefer to remain in someone’s shadow. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously 🙂

Are you a top bottom or switch only you know this, so the quiz might not be accurate. In boys' love (bl) novels, two main characters are usually playing different roles: I'd be on the bottom because i love having my partner on top and controlling me.

None, i only rely on the daylight from my windows. I prefer to be the one guiding. Is your personality different from bedroom?

A bottom you are a bottom! You love to dominate and take control, so you can get what you want. These questions will build your knowledge and your own create quiz will build yours and others people knowledge.

Don’t feel ashamed of being a bottom, as there’s nothing wrong with it. Some are meant to be leaders at the front of the pack and show some type of dominant characteristics. I have christmas lights strung all over my room!

Kick back and order some food. I'd be on the bottom because i want my hands free to pull my partner's hair and watch them on me. Is related to are you a top or a bottom?.

10 questions | total attempts: And in japanese culture, seme is used to describe top and uke to describe bottom. Are you a top or a bottom?

Get the full detail of question would you be on bottom?. I just created this quiz on a whim. I actually know about the meanings of them.

I have several lamps that i take the time to turn on and off everyday.

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