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Hold a mirror at chin level and look down as you slowly make contact between eyeliner and magnetic strip, making sure to align the middle of the band with the Use a clean mascara wand to brush out the lashes so the don’t dry stuck together.

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The key here is to gently scrape any excess magnetic liner from the magnets using your fingernail.


How to clean my magnetic lashes. Soak the cotton pads/tissue paper/cloth with makeup remover and remove any residual magnetic eyeliner stuck on the magnets of the lashes. They'll be ready to help you slay the day the next time you use them! Place the magnetic lashes on dry tissue.

The magnetic lashes are removed by using the thumb and forefinger to slide the magnetic strips apart. Put your lashes back into the box they came in. When you want to remove the lashes, gently grab them between your thumb and index finger.

Dirty magnets won't stick well to the liner. Do not put makeup remover, alcohol, water, or any other substances on your lashes or their magnets. To clean the magnets gently use your fingernail to scrape any residual magnetic liner off of the magnets.

They may also be used with mascara provided the lashes are gently cleaned after wearing. Grab your lashes with a pair of tweezers and dip them into the container and move them gently from side to side. Be sure to clean them off between applications.

The only part of the lashes that need to be cleaned regularly is the tiny magnets attached to the eyeliner. Apply your moxielash magnetic eyeliner along your lash line and let it dry for one minute. Avoid applying liquids to the magnets or lashes or cleaning your magnetic lashes with liquids.

We recommend you clean the magnets on the eyelashes with water or makeup remover after each use so they are fresh for the next application. It can be really hard to see if a magnet is dirty because they are so small. If you have false nails or they are too short to do this easily, you can use a plastic lash applicator or tweezers instead.

When you want to remove the lashes, gently grab them between your thumb and index finger. Gently remove your moxielash magnetic lashes from the package and then place them as close to your lash bed as possible. Do not use any makeup remover or cleansing solution on this part of the lash.

Clean mascara wands are also really helpful if you need to fluff them after you’ve put them on. One two lashes can be used indefinitely with proper care (if you want to keep using them, of course). Use a cotton bud with a rolling motion to wipe up any remnants of the eyeliner.

How to clean magnetic lashes with lash shampoo. Easy step to make your moxielash magnetic lashes last. Try to avoid pulling the magnetic eyelashes straight off, as this may alter the shape and look of the lashes.

Also, never apply makeup directly to your magnetic lashes. Dab the cotton bud into makeup remover and grip the magnetic lash with your other hand. How do i clean my eyelashes?

Prefer to watch a video on how to remove and clean your magnetic lashes? To clean the magnets, use a pair of tweezers and squeeze the ends together. It's a good idea to clean them occasionally, just to make sure they stay clean.

The lashes should never be pulled off the eyes. Should they require it, your eyelashes can be cleaned gently with water or makeup remover. You can adjust your lashes as needed to get the correct placement.

How to clean magnetic lashes. One day i removed them quickly and ended up with an irritated spot on my lash line where the liner came off with the magnet. Remove lashes from case and gently bend the eyelash band to make it softer and contoured to your eye shape better.

Do not wet or soak the lashes themselves. Store the magnetic lashes into the provided carry case. Shift them between your fingers until you feel the magnets come apart.

Do this for both sides of the lashes. How do you clean your magnetic lashes? Shift them between your fingers until you feel the magnets come apart.

Watch them immediately lock into place. Your magnetic lashes will last you up to 30 uses with proper care and cleaning. Grab magnetic eyelash towards middle of band.

Be sure to check and make sure both lashes have all of their magnets. I just use my nail to clean away the magnet, taking care to not tug the lashes as i hold them. Gently brush, swipe, dab, or roll the cotton bud on the micro magnets.

Be sure you are holding the band, and not the lashes or magnets as this could damage your moxielash magnetic lashes. That will cause damage to the lashes. To ensure your magnetic lashes are completely clean, you should clean the container and pour a thin layer of makeup remover into it.

Using liquids will damage your lashes. This is technically for lash extensions but would work just as well for magnetic lashes. Dry them in a room without.

Use your magnetic eyeliner cleansing oil with a cotton pad to gently remove the eyeliner from your eyelid. Then, carefully pull the magnetic lashes away from your eyelashes. Some clients have made theirs last longer by making sure to clean the magnets with a makeup cleaner.

Peel off the lash strip and clean the eyelid with makeup remover. Clean the magnetic lashes too.

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