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Using your skate tool, loosen and remove the two nuts on your truck from each kingpin. Squeaky trucks, rattling wheels and noisy decks.

Repurposed Roller Skate Heavy Hauler Truck

How loose is too loose for trucks?


Roller skate trucks too loose. Then loosen them half a turn. On the flip side, if, for example, you regularly have “wheel bite” that you can’t avoid under normal circumstances (yes, context matters), then you’re not able to easily control your board. For a 200 pound adult, it should be quite difficult.

If it’s not cold, this is because your skates are tied too tight. Using your skate tool, loosen and remove the two nuts on your truck from each kingpin. Watch any pro’s video parts, and you’ll see them occasionally land slightly askew after a gap or rail.

Put your boots on and bend at the knees, like you are about to skate. Roller skates are usually best for children who are learning how to skate, which means tightening or loosening the. If they have become too loose, follow the same steps, but turn each nut clockwise in order to tighten them slightly.

This will determine how the skate would be once it loosens up. Are your axles are a different angle now? If your trucks are too loose you can get the “floppy” truck effect, which causes your truck to rattle around and puts pressure and force on the king pin, pivot pin and pivot cup.

Your trucks are probably too loose. If you feel your toes are coming off the front of the skate too much, it’s an indication that it will be so tight on your feet once broken in. Decide if the trucks are loose enough.

Further, they are also designed with cushions that can be restored to. This cool pair from intentionally blank has a cowhide upper and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. If your skates feel really wobbly, they might be too loose for you (or your cushions might be too soft).

Pull off your first washer and cushion to reveal the hanger, then pull out the hanger. Over the years, i have introduced many skaters to the joys (and pains) of ramp roller skating. There are a number of reasons your skateboard or longboard makes so much noise.

Tightening them can make you feel a little more stable. Loosening or tightening roller skate wheels, is a pretty easy thing to do. But do not overdo the loosening and tightness when adjusting trucks.

If you want loose trucks, super glue the nut down or try to find soft bushings or something that will allow you to get your trucks looser. This lets you have looseness in the front, but keeps it tight around the ankle. For a child, it should be easy to do this.

Regardless of how you set up your truck adjustment, it should be the same between the left and right skate. If they are too tight, you won’t even be able to make a normal turn. This pressure will increase wear and tear on all parts, especially your pivot cup, and potentially break your king pin and/or cause the pivot to punch through your plate.

All skates need their trucks loosened slightly after unboxing. ('not feeling right' and 'tripping over' doesn't sound like a trucks thing though. Loose screws on your base plate;

I am an avid roller skater and have been skating aggressively for nearly a decade. Roller skates are equipped with trucks that are made of aluminum which makes them vigorous but heavier. Loose or broken raiser pads.

Using a skate tool or 1/2” socket wrench, being careful not to push on the bearing with the tool, tighten the loose nut down a tiny bit at a time until the wheel still spins fully freely but has very little play on the axle and is quiet when you shake the skate. Also, they come with plates that are made of nylon which creates the skate lighter in weight. Repeat the process for all 4 trucks.

Pull off your first washer and cushion to reveal the hanger, then pull out the hanger. Make sure you tighten the trucks in very small increments (perhaps a quarter of a turn at a time before checking the board again), because a. The trucks must be tight and stiff for jumps and others in the skateparks.

I’m in a very small space (temporarily) so i think there’s a fear there too, but even then it feels like i can’t turn. Or you can shave new bushings down, take off new bushings and rub them on the cement and kind of shave off the edges and that helps too. The standard way to adjust trucks (i find) is to tighten them up completely;

The roller skate boot is attached to a “truck” which has four wheels with ball bearings. At the same time, too loose trucks will shake and vibrate strongly on the road. Most skaters who ride loose trucks have enough board control to avoid wheel bite under normal circumstances.

Loose means better turning but less stability (especially at high speeds) and tight mean more stability but. The top bushing on your skateboard truck makes your board turn, the bottom bushing can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the nut to make adjust responsiveness. Another way to size your roller skate is by assuming a bending position.

Too tight trucks will prevent normal turning. Then loosen them a little each time you skate until they feel loose enough. Place your longboard on the ground and stand on top of it.

If not, follow the same steps until they are loose enough. I’ve been having issues turning, turning at all. If you hear a clinking/chunking noise (the sound of a wheel moving back and forth on its axle), you have a loose wheel nut!

Granted, balance and stuff is still an issue. A light skater, such as a child, needs a very loose action. Regardless of how you set up your truck adjustment, it should be the same between the left and right skate.

The heavier a skater is, the tighter the action must be. They can still pull the trick, though, because they instinctively put pressure on the board to force it to roll out in line. Welcome to’s aggressive roller skating 101 my name is lisa suggitt and i will be your guide as you learn some basic aggressive roller skating skills.

Many skaters tend to familiarize themselves with their skates before loosening their trucks further. Looser trucks equal more versatile movement 👍 but you should also be aware that loosening them too much can cause the trucks to. Grab the two front wheels and try to rock them left and right.

Turn it clockwise to tighten the trucks, getting tighter turning. You may loosen it for skateboarding in a technical style and fast riding. We’ve all been there at some point and it’s very distracting.

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